BNSF / UP Colorado Joint-Line

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CEO Rick Muir
City, Country Richfield
State/Prov OH
Name of Layout BNSF / UP Colorado Joint-Line

Name of railroad: BNSF / UP Colorado Joint Line Scale: HO (1:87) Size of layout: 60 x 29 feet Layout Height: 49” – 57” Prototype: Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway / Union Pacific (some free lance) Locale: Joint Line from Denver to Pueblo Colorado with a branch to Golden Period: Present day
Layout style: Linear walk-around (single level) point to point with continuous running possible Benchwork: Open grid

Backdrop: Drywall & Masonite hardboard

Sub-Roadbed: Plywood & Homasote

Roadbed: Homasote & Cork

Track: Atlas code 83 & 100 flex track

Turnouts: Atlas code 83 & Peco code 100 (minimum #6)

Length of mainline run: 500” plus (with dual mainlines)

Minimum curve radii: 40” Mainline & 32” other areas

Maximum grade: 2%

Control: NCE DCC walk around (3 power districts)

Motive Power: 53 locomotives (31 – KATO), (13 – Atlas), (6 – Proto 2000) & (3 - Genesis) all have decoders. 11 SD40-2’s, 6 C44-9W’s, 1 AC4400CW, 6 SD70MAC’s 5 GP35’s, 2 SD45’s, 2 GP40’s, 2 GP38’s, 8 C30-7’s, 4 SD60’s, 2 SD60M’s, 2 SD75M’s and 1 Challenger 4-6-6-4.

Rolling Stock: 355 cars (Genesis, MDC, Walthers, Proto 2000, Athearn, LBF and others)

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Notes: Construction started in the winter of 2000. The benchwork is 100% complete with the fascia about 100% complete. The track work is about 98% complete and all powered. The main wiring bus is done with about 50% of the feeders complete (almost every section of track will be directly powered). Scenery is 2% complete. Aisles are 3 to 4 feet wide. This is my third layout and by far my largest.

Owners Bio: Rick is 47 years old and has been model railroading for the past 15 years. He and his wife Jill have been married for 14 years and have two children (Sierra 10 and Westin 5). They are originally from Denver, Colorado (He misses Caboose Hobbies) and spent 6 years in Houston, Texas prior to moving to Ohio 5 years ago. Rick is currently employed by Continental Airlines as a Boeing 737 Captain and has been with the company for 18 years.

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Layout Size 60 X 25
Era & Place Present Day
Control type DCC - NCE
Prototype BNSF & UP (Colrado Joint-Line)
Motive Power - Steam 1
Motive Power - Diesel 52
Rolling Stock 355
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